Southdown at War
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Southdown at War

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Southdown at War by Colin Druce
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Author: Colin Druce
Publisher: Capital Transport
Format: Hardback
Pages: 216


During its long existence Southdown Motor Services Ltd was generally held in great regard by its customers, transport professionals and enthusiasts alike. Perhaps it was the smart apple green and cream buses which could be seen in all the towns and resorts between Hastings in the east and Fareham in the west and inland for up to 20 miles. This book describes the everyday difficulties and dangers faced by Southdown and those living and working in its area during the Second World War. It is not just about the buses and coaches but includes details of the devastating air raids that affected the coastal towns. The imposition at various times of Defence Areas, Curfews and Visitor Bans all brought major changes to everyday life including the provision of bus services. This book is the fruit of ten years of original research to cover a period of Southdown's history not previously covered in depth. It covers not only the effect on the company but also the effects on the areas it served.

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