London Railway Atlas 4th Edition
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London Railway Atlas 4th Edition

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London Railway Atlas 4th Edition Joe Brown
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Publisher: Ian Allan Publishing
Author: Joe Brown
Format: Hardback

This cartographic masterpiece gives a detailed mapping of the myriad lines which traverse the city, including both London Underground and national railway networks. Each map also illustrates the geographical relationship between the overground and underground network, which will be invaluable for modellers. All the maps on the large format pages show all tracks and platforms.

Through constant research, the author has amassed a vast amount of new information, both present day and historical, on the most complex railway network in the British Isles. The atlas shows all the lines in London, both open and closed, stations,l changes of station name, and station opening and closing dates. All changes since the previous edition which have affected both the surface and undergound networks have been included as well as new historical information. This edition will contain additional pages with some new large scale map sections.

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