`Wimbledon Tennis` 1933 Placemats

`Wimbledon Tennis` 1933 Placemats

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'Wimbledon tennis' 1933 placemats
About This Item

High quality coated ceramic mug featuring artwork from the original poster by Andre Edouard Marty

Dimensions: 7.9 × 8.8cm

About the Poster:

Wimbledon Tennis 1933
Wimbledon Tennis 1933

Published by Underground Electric Railway Company Ltd, 1933
Printed by Dangerfield Printing Company Ltd, 1933

About the artist:

Andre Edouard Marty designed posters for the Underground Group and London Transport 1931-1933.


Andre Edouard Marty was born 1882 and died 1974.He was educated at Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris.

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