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Metropolitan Line Travel Card Wallet - Day

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Metropolitan Line Travel Card Wallet - Day
About This Item

Product Details: High quality travel card wallet featuring an illustration commissioned by the London Transport Museum.

Dimensions: 7.9 x 8.8cm

About the Poster: At the time the Metropolitan line A stock train was introduced in 1960, London Transport did not commission an illustration of its new fleet.

50 years later, and with the demise of the type of train from public service, London Transport Museum commissioned two illustrations to redress the omission.

The Metropolitan line serves outer north west London suburbs as well as the more distant towns of Amersham and Chesham in Buckinghamshire, and the trains were designed with these longer journeys in mind with higher speed capability, high back seats and luggage racks (which London Transport Museum are now selling)

The Night illustration depicts an A stock train in the latest London Underground livery passing through the hills and open country associated with the outer reaches of the Metropolitan line under a starry canopy in the twilight of the day, and of the train’s life.

5 out of 5
This really surprised me this with the quality, I was expecting a flimsy wallet commonly found at all train stations, i was wrong this is really durable ticket holder and solid, Worth every penny, Cant be seen in the picture but when you receive the ticket holder the colour gourmet is amazing the contrasts and colour pallet will keep you looking at it for years to come, the art work really sends a warming message for the stock as it is shown in the sunset as it would of seen pre 1997 really happy will be purchasing the 2nd editions as well 10 out of 10
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