Brollymap Umbrella
Brollymap Umbrella
Brollymap Umbrella
Brollymap Umbrella
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Brollymap Umbrella

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Reviews (2) 4.5 out of 5
Features a beautifully illustrated map of London. Produced by Fulton Umbrellas.
About This Item

Find your way around London with this stylish umbrella. It features sections of London and includes famous landmarks and places to visit.

Produced by Fulton Umbrellas.

Designed by Mariona Otero.

Mariona Otero enjoys working in several creative fields, mainly focusing her interest on design and photography. Her background is in Fine Arts and Graphic Design and is originally from Catalonia.

Several design studios in Barcelona and Manchester had her on staff. She combines her passion for travelling with artistic projects. As a freelance artist she has exhibited her work in India, Spain and London. 

Mariona has always had an interest in reinventing and giving a new identity to a product adding a complementary use to it. Or creating a brand new item. This ongoing interest has led to developing products for the market.

Her inspiration comes from paying attention to daily life needs and experiencing different cultures with diverse lifestyles. This enables her to find easy solutions and clever results. 

Mariona observes everything through her camera lenses. Her enthusiasm for traveling and her design skills made her realize how useful a Brollymap can be when visiting a rainy city. This is, instead of holding an umbrella and a foldable map at the same time, why not have everything together and avoid getting wet?

Mariona lives and works in London as a freelance designer and photographer.

5 out of 5
4 out of 5
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