Jeffrey Salty and The Fare Evader

Jeffrey Salty and The Fare Evader

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Reviews (1) 5 out of 5
Jeffrey Salty loves his job as a station assistant on the London Underground! A lovely short children's novel about life as a station worker.
About This Item
Title: Jeffrey Salty and The Fare Evader
Author: Sarpreet Birk
Publisher: Book Guild
Format: Hardback
Size: 17cm x 24.5cm, 72 pages.
Jeffrey Salty loves the people he works with - Supervisors Pat and Dan, Jackie in the control room, and Nicola in the ticket office. But helping passengers is what he loves doing most of all, and there's plenty of opportunity for that at bustling Shepherd's Bush station, where he works.
But on this particular day, news comes in that someone's dodging his fares and it's up to the London Underground staff to catch him. And that's when the big hearted little man from 'up north' puts his gigantic feet in it, where no one could have guessed!
5 out of 5
Great Service.
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