The Great Western Railway

The Great Western Railway

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The Great Western Railway Tim Bryan
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Author: Tim Bryan

Publisher: Shire Publications Ltd

Format: Paperback

Pages: 64

With a network covering much of the West Country, Wales and the West Midlands, and a history and tradition stretching back more than a century, the Great Western Railway (GWR) has been seen by many railway historians and enthusiasts as the most famous railway in the world. The history of the GWR was marked by an independence and swagger matched by few other railways, its foundations laid by the flamboyant engineer I. K. Brunel who designed famous structures like Paddington Station and Saltash Bridge which still survive today.

This introduction to the history of a much-loved company describes the flagship express services, goods trains, fleets of buses, lorries and even ships that once made a powerful empire, many remnants of which survive to this day. The book summarises Great Western Railway's place in British history, one secured by a nostalgic fondness for a bygone era.

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