The Victorian Steam Locomotive

The Victorian Steam Locomotive

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This book looks into the history and development of the steam locomotive from 1804 to 1879.
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Format: Hardback
Pages: 177
Authors: G. D. Dempsey C. E. and D. Kinnear Clark C. E
Publisher: Pen & Sword Transport

First published in 1879, this book on locomotive engines has been identified as a lost publication by Pete Waterman, who has written the foreword to this reprint.

The book, which was published in the year of the Tay Bridge Disaster and the Zulu War in South Africa, looks in to the history and development of the steam locomotive, from 1804 to 1879. It shows examples of famous types of machines from the past, to the then most up-to-date pieces of railway locomotive technology.

With a selection of quality drawings and engineering diagrams, as well as rare photographs of locomotives from this remarkable period of industrial change, The Victoria Steam Locomotive is a timely and long-overdue insight into the thinking of Victorian Engineers, written as a contemporary text.

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