Tiny Stations by Dixe Wills

Tiny Stations by Dixe Wills

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Tiny Stations is the story of Dixe Will's journey from the far west of Cornwall to the far north of Scotland, visiting around 40 of the most interesting of these little used and ill-regarded stations.
About This Item

Title: Tiny Stations

Author: Dixe Wills

Publisher: AA Publishing

Published: April 2016

Format: Hardback

Size: 352 Pages, 216mm x 135mm

Often a pen-stroke away from closure, kept alive by political expediency, labyrinthine bureaucracy or sheer whimsy, these half-abandoned stops afford a fascinating glimpse of a Britain that has all but disappeared from view.

There are stations built to serve once thriving industries, copper mines, smelting works, cotton mills, and china clay quarries where the first trains were pulled by horses; stations erected for the sole convenience of stately home and castle owners through whose land the new iron road cut an unwelcome swathe; stations created for Victorian day-tripping attractions; a station built for a cavalry barracks whose last horse has long since bolted; and many more. Dixe Wills will leave you in no doubt that there's more to tiny stations than you might think.


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