Bicycling: A Reintroduction
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Bicycling: A Reintroduction

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A visual guide to choosing, repairing, maintaining and operating a bicycle.
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Learn to love biking all over again.

Riding a bike is like riding a bike: once you've learned to do it you never forget how. But if the last bike you rode had a banana seat and you'd clothes-pinned a baseball card to the spokes, you could probably use a refresher course on modern biking. Because, other than the fundamental act of mounting a bike and pedalling off down the street, practically everything has changed.

In Bicycling: A Reintroduction you will find advice to help you choose the right bicycle for your body and needs. You will also find helpful information on clothing, helmets, saddlebags and many other important accessories. With clear, step-by-step photos you'll see all the basics of bicycle maintenance and repair, from fixing a flat to lubricating your chain to adjusting your brakes.

Author: Karen Ruth

Publisher: Creative Publishing International

Pages: 128


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