London`s Last Trams
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London`s Last Trams

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This book tells the enchanting story of London's Last Trams, courtesy of a dedicated tram crew and a man on a bicycle.
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Author: Hugh Taylor

Publisher: Adam Gordon

Format: Hardback

Size: 21.5cm x 30cm, 184 pages

Author's Note:

The opening words of Ken Blacker's book 'Trams of  Bygone London' are: 'It was well towards midnight on Saturday 5th July 1952, when tramcar No.187, filled to overflowing with boisterous passengers, left Beresford Square, Woolwich, on its last journey of the day. After cruising slowly along Westhorne Avenue and through Lee and Lewisham she finally groaned to a halt outside New Cross depot. And thus was history made. For No.187, looking much the worst for wear, and robbed of light bulbs, mirrors, seat springs and sundry other internal fittings by acquintry travellers, was the last London tram of all.' This account is confirmed by a number of enthusiasts who were at New Cross in the early hours of Sunday 6th July. Ken's statement held true for about three decades but about twenty-five years ago, former Charlton Works employee ken Thorpe told me that after 187 had arrived at New Cross, there was still another tram running on the London metals. This book tells the enchanting story, courtesy of a dedicated tram crew and a man on a bicycle.

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