London Underground Stations for the Modeller and the Historian

London Underground Stations for the Modeller and the Historian

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For the modeller and the historian. John Glover
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Author: John Glover

Publisher: Ian Allan Publishing

Format: Paperback, colour

Pages: 96

This book is a detailed illustrated account of the development of architecture on the Underground from the earliest stations on the Metropolitan in the 1860s through to the most recent work on the Jubilee Line and Docklands Light Railway.

With the appointment of Charles Holden, who worked closely with Frank Pick, in the mid-1920s and in particular after the creation of the London Passenger Transport Board (LPTB), London Transport became a byword for architectural excellence with work on the Piccadilly extension, for example, now regarded as the finest British architecture of the interwar years.

This book contains over 200 colour photographs that show surface and sub-surface views, with detailed captions covering the wide variety of stations, both opened and closed, constructed for use on the London Underground network over the past 140 years. This book will be of a significant use as reference material for modellers and historians alike.

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