London's Metro-Land

London's Metro-Land

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Reviews (1) 5 out of 5
by Alan A. Jackson
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Author: Alan A. Jackson

Publisher: Capital Transport Publishing

Format: Hardback

Pages: 144

The Metropolitan Railway's aspirations to provide a new route between London and Birmingham took it through much undeveloped land north-west from London. It sought passengers for its services by setting up an estates company to contribute to new housing development along its line.
The areas of suburban London, and beyond, that neighboured the route of the Met were given the name Metro-Land.
This book is about the development of Metro-Land from green fields to houses and shops. It looks at ways in which both the Met and private developers encouraged people to move out from districts closer to central London to 'Live in Metro-Land'.

5 out of 5
A well presented colourful book of Metro-land's creation - recommended coffee table book.
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