The Spread of London`s Underground Book

The Spread of London`s Underground Book

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Author: Tim Demuth
Publisher: Capital Transport Publishing
Format: Hardback
Pages: 32
Size: 285mm x 246mm

In 1933 passengers using London's Underground had the benefit for the first time of their system being shown in a diagrammatic form on one all-embracing map. It had been drawn in a similar style to the representation of the individual lines on the diagrams displayed inside the railway cars. The map had been drafted in this original way by Harry Beck. On each subsequent edition, Beck altered and refined the style of his diagrammatic map, gradually developing what became a highly sophisticated merging of the different elements - lines, routes, names, interchanges - into an art form. His successor designers, charged with the production of the map, have followed the Beck inspiration in the same spirit. This book uses a design of the Underground map based on today's style, edited to show the growth and development of the system from its opening in 1863 up to the present day.

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