Bakerloo & City Driver's Eye View

Bakerloo & City Driver's Eye View

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Bakerloo & City driver'eye view
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Publisher: Video 125

Region: Region 2

Language: English

Running time: 64 minutes

The Bakerloo Line is the main artery, connecting four of the capital's main line stations with the heart of London's West End. As well as seeing the entire route in real time from the driver's cab, we also peek inside the Bakerloo Line's signalling and control centre at Baker Street.

The Waterloo and City line is LUL's smallest self contained operation running for just over 1.5 miles between Waterloo and Bank. We see the whole line from the driver's cab of a recently refurbished 1992 stock train in real time starting in the reversing siding in the compact depot at Waterloo.

This DVD also includes a bonus film Million to one shot! and is narrated by Rob Curling.

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