The London Board Game
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The London Board Game

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A fun and easy to play game for the whole family.
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Take 6 secret destination cards and get ready for a trip on the Underground. You'll have to think carefully and plan ahead for it's the first person who commutes from the main line station of their choice to their 6 destinations and back again who will be the winner.

It could be Mansion House or Monument, Bank or Baker Street, Wembley or Westminster, you'll not know until the tickets have been issued and the race is on! out for the hazards! Every time you change lines you have to take a Hazard card, which could send you exactly where you don't want to be!

Then there are station closures too - the good news is that if you roll a 6 you can open and close a station of your choice, but the bad news is so can your opponents!

So hang to that strap and get ready for a fast and furious race around the sights of London's capital. It's easy to play and great fun, time and time again.

2-6 players

Age 7+

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