District Moquette Door Stop

District Moquette Door Stop

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A stylish and unique door stop crafted by Matt Fothergill using District moquette fabric.
About This Item

A stylish and unique door stop crafted by Matt Fothergill using District moquette fabric with a leather trim. Moquette is a particularly versatile and hard wearing material that is used as seating fabric.

This brightly coloured geometric fabric is reputedly designed by the Design Research Unit in the late 1970’s for use in a new fleet of trains then about to be introduced on the District Line (D78 stock). The fabric design was also used on most new buses entering service in London, notably the large fleets of Metrobus and Titan types as well as new trains purchased for use on the Jubilee Line (1983 stock). Four colours were used in the moquette design: orange, yellow, brown and black which complemented brighter bus and train interiors which gave London’s buses and trains a distinctive identity in the 1980’s and became a subconscious icon of the city for 1980’s residents and visitors.

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