Routemaster Moquette Door Stop
Routemaster Moquette Door Stop

Routemaster Moquette Door Stop

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Hand crafted door stop by Matt Fothergill using Routemaster moquette fabric.
About This Item

A stylish and unique door stop crafted by Matt Fothergill using Routemaster moquette fabric with a leather trim. Moquette is a particularly versatile and hard wearing material that was used as seating fabric on the Routemaster bus in the 1960s.

The tartan style fabric was designed by Douglas Scott, who was responsible for the interior and exterior styling of the Routemaster bus. The pattern features horizontal bands of maroon, brown and light green pile interspersed with vertical lines of yellow loop pile. It was designed specifically to echo the interior colour scheme of the vehicle: yellow ceilings, red lower sides and green seat backs.

5 out of 5
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5 out of 5
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