Vallila Tube Lines Canvas Tote Bag

Vallila Tube Lines Canvas Tote Bag

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An exclusive, elegant and stylish Canvas Tote bag featuring an artistic design based on the lines of the tube map.
About This Item

​Vallila Tube Lines Canvas Tote Bag

Designed and made for the London Transport Museum, this Canvas Tote Bag is part of an exclusive range of transport inspired Vallila products.

The bag's design puts a stylish spin on the tube lines of London. The large bag uses the iconic colours and design of the London Underground tube map.

The Tube Lines Canvas Tote Bag is the prefect gift for anyone with a passion for modern design. The large carry capacity ensures the bag is great for picnics, shopping trips and everyday use.

  • Size: 43cm x 50cm
  • 100% cotton
  • Exclusive to the London Transport Museum
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