Shakespeare's Underground Map Tea Towel
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Shakespeare`s Underground Map Tea Towel

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100% cotton tea towel featuring the Shakespeare Underground Tube Map.
About This Item

This cotton tea towel is the perfect new addition to your kitchen. Featuring the Shakespeare Underground Map commissioned by Transport for London and Shakespeare Globe Theatre to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare.

Dimensions (approx): W 480mm x L 680mm
Material: 100% cotton
Care: Machine washable

2016 is a notable year for Shakespeare fans with a series of events run throughout the year by Shakespeare's Globe to celebrate the life of the world’s greatest playwright.

Transport for London and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre have teamed up to create this wonderful version of the current London Underground map.

Using all 367 stations across the network and the 14 Underground lines, their well-known names have been replaced with characters from Shakespeare's tragedies to comedies and the reason why you know them best along with modern day notable actors to the play titles we know so well. The Central Line has been taken over by the Lovers of his plays, such as Hortensio and of course Juliet. The Jubilee Line is represented by Fathers and Kings and its stations have acquired names such as King Lear and Shylock.

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