EFE 99933A Bus Set 15A
EFE 99933A Bus Set 15A
EFE 99933A Bus Set 15A
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EFE 99933A Bus Set 15A

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Manufacturer: Exclusive First Editions
Model number: 99933A
Scale: 1:76
Model type: RC type single deck coach and prototype RMC (CRL) double deck Routemaster
Livery: Green Line two tone green

RC type coach
Model Number: 35703
Route: 711
Fleet number: RC 5
Registration: CUV 63C
Destination: High Wycombe
CRL 4 (prototype Routemaster Coach)
Model Number: 35902
Route: 715
Fleet number: CRL 4
Registration: SLT 59
Destination: Guildford

Notes: This year, London Transport Museum's launches two Bus Sets, 15A and 15B which both feature CRL 4, the prototype of the Routemaster coach used on Green Line services, a new variant of Exclusive First Edition's high quality Routemaster casting exclusive to the Museum. Bus Set 15A features Green Line prototypes, the 1965 RC single deck coach, in this instance on Route 711 early in the life of the newly formed London Country Bus Services and the 1957 CRL coach, the forerunner of a fleet of 65 Routemaster coaches introduced to Green Line service in 1962.  Please note: the CRL model is identical in both Set 15A and 15B, and in each case is shown operating Route 715 to Guildford.

This Bus Set is presented in a decorative sleeve.

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