London After Dark Poster by Frank Millet
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London After Dark Poster by Frank Millet

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Title: London After Dark
Designed by: Fred Millet
Year: 1968
Size: 20in x 30in
In the early hours of 19 August TfL will launch a night time Tube service. The Night Tube will support London's 24-hour lifestyle by offering a round-the-clock service on Fridays and Saturdays, across the Central and Victoria lines.
The London Transport Museum has produced a pre-printed run of this 'London After Dark' poster by Fred Millet from the 1960s to celebrate the occasion.
The text in the poster reads:
In the dusk, the West End comes to life. Street lamps  brighten, and the twinkling lights turn Piccadilly Circus into a brashly magical  fairyland. Floodlighting lends to St. Paul's, the National Gallery, Westminster  Abbey a silvery, sharp-etched clarity. Evening shopping (on Thursdays),  theatres, cinemas, restaurants - London Transport takes you there, and  home again. Buses run late, and the Underground until after midnight - 23 30  on Sundays...
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