Poster Art 150 By Underground to Fresh Air Mini Print
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Poster Art 150 By Underground to Fresh Air Mini Print

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Poster Art 150

London Underground's Greatest Designs

Exclusive to the London Transport Museum.

Over the Underground's illustrious 150 year history, it has developed an unrivaled reputation for commissioning a huge range of bright, engaging advertising posters from some of the world's leading artists and graphic designers. A panel of eight experts chose 150 designs from the 3300 Underground-specific posters in our care, resulting in a remarkable display and the largest London transport poster exhibition in over half a century. A fitting way to mark a very special year.

The exhibition runs from 15 February - 27 October 2013.

Title: By Underground to Fresh Air

Artist: Maxwell Ashby Armfield, 1915

Finish: Semi-gloss

Size: 35 x 28cm

This is an early example of an abstract artistic approach to commercial design. Frank Pick did not shy from commissioning adventurous or stylistically challenging works, as long as the poster was arresting and therefore fit for purpose.

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