Simply Appetising by Tube and Bus Poster - 40 x 25 inches
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Simply Appetising by Tube and Bus Poster

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Size: 1010mm x 635mm ( 40 x 25 inches ) OR 505mm x 760mm ( 20 x 30 inches )
About This Item

Title: Simply appetising by tube and bus

Artisi: Michael Forbes

Published by: London Transport


Size: 1010mm x 635mm (40 x 25 inches) OR 505mm x 760mm (20 x 30 inches)

Michael Forbes had no formal art training, but has been selling paintings since he was seventeen. He secured his first exhibition after winning a competition on a Mars Bar and took up painting full time in 1989. His paintings depict dreamlike scenes from a bizarre, poetic world. Filmmaker and animator Terry Gilliam, who is a client of Forbes, describes his paintings as ‘Surreal, mischievous, wryly sweet... and chockablock with wit and wonder’. Forbes lives and works in Scotland. He has had a number of one-man shows in London and Edinburgh.

5 out of 5
Michael Forbes is so amazing and just tooo cool for the Turner Prize- Hirst who? ;)
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