Simply Royal by Tube and Bus Poster
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Simply Royal by Tube and Bus Poster

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Size: 1010mm x 635mm (40 x 25 inches)
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Title: Simply Royal by Tube and Bus
Stephen B Whatley
Published by:
London Underground Ltd
Double Royal (40 x 25 inches)

Stephen B Whatley paints landscapes, still-life and portraits, but is best known for his stunning depictions of architectural landmarks in London. His subjects have ranged from Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London to Broadcasting House and the Top of the Pops Studio. He always works on location, amidst the everyday bustle, in order to capture the true essence of the building. His characteristic use of pure primary colour infuses the subject with light and energy. Where the yellows, reds and blues collide, the resultant purples, oranges and greens create dramatic shadows and accents.

Available online and in-store at London Transport Museum

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