Good Times - Tube Map, by Eva Rothschild

Good Times - Tube Map, by Eva Rothschild

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Good Times - Tube Map by Eva Rothschild
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Title: Good Times

Artist: Eva Rothschild

Published by: Transport for London

Year: 2011

Size: 634mm x 1015mm (25 x 40 inches)

Eva Rothschild, who often uses a rainbow spectrum of colours in her work, has designed a ring made up of the Tube line colours with a stark black background, referencing the dominance of darkness as we travel through the tunnels underground.

Good Times and many of Rothschild’s sculptures stem from the abstraction of different visual codes and imagery. Her iconography is informed by contemporary culture – music, film, literature and religion.

The ring or belt form implies linkage, which can be interpreted into what the Tube essentially does for London. Rothschild is particularly interested in the way objects have a power over us, especially in relation to religious thought and superstition. This is reflected in her fascination with sacred or lucky symbols, ranging from spheres and pyramids to new age charms.

The image can also be seen as a life belt, playing with the idea of the Tube being a ‘life saver’ in London and also of the Tube Map being a ‘life saver’ for customers in terms of using such an enormous transport system.

Art on the Underground is London Underground's ground-breaking arts programme, recognised around the world as one of the best examples of public realm contemporary art. High quality art and design are the essence of London Underground's (LU) globally recognised brand, and have been in place since Frank Pick established the concept of 'Total Design' for the network to be its unifying principle. Art on the Underground is built on this crucial legacy. It is central to London Underground's identity and dedicated to building on LU's renowned artistic heritage. It has been hugely successful in positioning LU at the heart of London's cultural life, and has been universally acclaimed, having recently won the international Cultural Action award for art on public transport.

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