London`s Skyline Poster

London`s Skyline Poster

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London's Skyline poster by Richard Coward
About This Item

Poster title: London's Skyline

Artist: Richard Coward

Published by: Transport for London

Year: 2010

Size: 505mm x 760mm (20 x 30 inches)

The ‘New London Skyline’ Competition was a joint search by Transport for London and the London Festival of Architecture 2010 to find a 21st century view of London’s famous skyline.

There were a number of design interpretations varying from traditional to others bringing a fresh graphic feel. From over 200 entries, Richard Coward won 1st prize. His interpretation of the London Skyline was striking. The design is novel, engaging and versatile.

5 out of 5
The picture is so lovely : I bought it to "stay in touch" with London, which I miss.
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