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Posters feature throughout every London Underground journey we take. Posters advertise and inform and take us to inspiring destinations and events. This is your opportunity to bring home a first edition printing of one of these beloved works of transport art!

London Transport Museum Shop offers a limited selection of first edition printings of posters commissioned for purpose on the transport network. These exclusive posters are available both online and in store and issued for purchase with a certificate of authenticity.

A History of Posters on the London Transport Network

Art and the London Transport System have been intertwined for decades, bringing colour into the darkness and becoming synonymous with journeying in the capital. Since 1908, London’s transport companies have commissioned over 5,000 pictorial posters from some of the greatest designers, illustrators and fine artists working in Britain.

Thanks to his enthusiasm for posters being featured on the London Underground network, Frank Pick as the publicity manager for London Underground in the 1920’s, was essential in cementing the poster as a commonplace on the London Underground. Renowned art historian Nikolaus Pevsner described Pick as “the greatest patron of the arts whom this century has so far produced in England, and indeed the ideal patron of our age.”

First Edition Posters to add to your collection

The oldest poster currently being offered for sale is Visit by Bus produced by Glynn Boyd Harte in 1984.


Emerging as an artist in 'post-pop' London, Glynn Boyd Harte reacted against predominant trends towards abstraction and brutality. His beautifully composed still-lifes and outdoor scenes depict the everyday, bathed in uplifting light. From the mid-1970s, Boyd Harte exhibited widely in London.


Paul Catherall’s bold linocuts of architectural landmarks are instantly recognisable.

Whether on Tube posters, book covers, greetings cards or gallery walls, his immaculately clean, sharp prints with their striking colour palette and graphic edge are particularly distinctive.


Andy Spencer is a talented multi-disciplinary designer specialising in graphics, exhibitions, product and digital designs. Andy has worked to produce many posters for Transport for London.

Caring for your First Edition Print

For absolute best care of your poster, please store poster flat in either acid free tissue paper or conservation grade melinex ‘wallets.

We know that not everyone has the space or means to store a first edition print in this way and that this does not allow for enjoying the poster which you just purchased. If you would like to display your poster, we recommend storing under UV protective glass or plastic and mounted so that the poster can be removed from the frame in future without causing any damage to the artwork.

For a comprehensive guide to poster collecting from us to you please see our Poster Collecting Blog.

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