Epping Ongar Extension Central Line Diagram (052022)

Grade B 112 x 173 x 4cm Vitreous enamel sign with scratching throughout but no damaged to text. We are unsure of the exact date of this sign but it pre-dates 1994 as it includes the Epping to Ongar extension of the Central line. This extension was closed by London Underground in 1994 and sold in 1998. It reopened between 2004 and 2007 as a preserved railway, the Epping Ongar Railway. *Free shipping to UK mainland. Please note next delivery is not available* Important – please read TfL copyright information detailed below
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*Important – please read* Decommissioned Goods should not be used for any commercial purpose. For commercial enquiries please contact Transport for London’s Commercial Department. Any unauthorised use of Transport for London’s copyright and trademarks is an infringement of Transport for London’s intellectual property and may lead to legal action and other remedies permitted under the Trade Marks Act 1994 and the Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988. Please note - the price is reflective of the signs condition. For Information on Returning Items Decommissioned Original items have been surfaced cleaned but you may wish to clean them further. LTM recommends that you use mild cleaning agents (such as washing up liquid and water) to clean these items as their age may deem them to be very fragile. LTM cannot be held responsible for damage caused to the Decommissioned Original once purchased. Decommissioned Goods Decommissioned Goods should not be used in breach of the intellectual property paragraphs set out in our terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Decommissioned Goods are fitted and/or fixed in a safe and secure manner. The Decommissioned Goods are original authentic items and will bear the patina of service on the transport network. Scratches, abrasions, slight buckles and dents are all part of the authenticity of the Decommissioned Goods. We will not be held responsible for damage caused to the Decommissioned Goods once purchased.
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Product Name Epping Ongar Extension Central Line Diagram (052022)
Width (cm) 112
Height (cm) 173
Weight 0.100000
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