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London Transport Museum is an independent heritage and educational charity. We rely on support from individuals, companies and grant-giving bodies in order to carry out our day-to-day activities, education programmes and special projects. Your support will help us continue our work in conserving and engaging people in the history of London’s transport.

By making a donation today, you are supporting London Transport Museum’s charitable and education programmes, helping to sustain and enhance the work of London Transport Museum today and for future generations.
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Every sale in the London Transport Museum Shop supports the Museum and contributes towards helping us preserve our historical collections for generations to come.

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Own your own small collection of transport history that’s gather dust? Want to share it with the world? Consider donating part of all of your collection to the Museum to help us educate and inspire our visitors. Whatever you donate will be preserved by professionals and revered for generations.
Sadly we cannot accept every gift that is donated to us and therefore some items may be declined. For more information on our collections policy click here.

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